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Philippe Gouillou - 24 décembre 2000 -
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To vote on the book's main educational proposal, 'track choice', and to see how others have voted, just go to: (In December 2000, the approval level stood at 82%.)


  • Presentation by Chris BRAND
  • Disclaimer and Download (English)

Presentation by Chris Brand

In the Spring of 1996, a new book about intelligence and education, THE g FACTOR, created shock waves in Britain by tracing educational failure largely to genetic deficiency in mental speed. The book, by an Edinburgh University academic, appeared after years in which educationalists and the media had played down to vanishing point the importance of inheritance in yielding individual and group differences in attainment. Britain's politically correct academics were aghast to find fast track learning and streaming urged by a psychologist (as it had been by British Labour leader Tony Blair in a major speech in February, 1996). Under pressure from self-styled 'anti-racists', the New York-based academic publishing house, Wiley, unilaterally broke its contract with author Chris Brand by de-publishing the book for 'racism.'

After years of hysterical attacks on hereditarian theorists like Cyril Burt, Hans Eysenck and Arthur Jensen, it is time to show that London School ideas continue to stand and will not be defeated by intimidation, suppression or sacking. Commended by professors of psychology at Cambridge (England) and Austin (Texas), and in a New Scientist editorial, THE g FACTOR is now re-launched in a revised edition (correcting minor errors[1]) via this page in electronic format. It is at once a textbook about IQ and a think-piece about what should be done to reverse dumbing-down in education and to help children at all intellectual levels. It rejects the tired educational philosophies of both conservatives and leftists and backs a new liberalism that would give children more choice. It is free of charge and may be copied -- though not altered, please.

Chris Brand ( invites applications from mainstream publishers willing to re-publish his book in paper format, to advertise it and to place it in bookshops. He thanks the Woodhill Foundation, USA, for helping make it possible to gift THE g FACTOR to the Internet community.

[1] The book's political incorrectness, however, remains entirely intact -- so as to show for how little the forces of PeeCee (headed by Wiley, Edinburgh University and the Anti-Nazi League) were prepared to censor an academic work.


The possibility to download The g Factor directly from the web site Douance shows my wish to allow everyone access to the true state of the art in the field of psychometric research, free of the external political pressions that can destroy sciences.

This books offer many advantages :

  • It's short (about 515.000 Characters, spaces included)

  • It's clear and complete : it presents the state of the art in a language suitable for undergraduates

  • It's not censured : you have access to what the author said before he was first silenced and eventually sacked by Edimburgh University

  • It's scientific : its claims are argued and provide a basis for serious discussions

Putting the book on lilne doesn't imply any acceptation from me of the ideas and opinions expressed by Chris Brand (I wouldn't be enough competent for that).


Everyone can download the book (HTML format - Compressed in .zip = 282 Kb) at no cost under the following conditions :

  • No distribution of the book is allowed by any means (mail, web, etc.). This book can't be put on line at another location that Douance. Personnal copy in electronic format for scholarly use is permitted.

  • You accept that downloading the book involves NO challenge to the copyright status as intellectual property of the original book

  • By downloading the book you fully recognize that Philippe Gouillou has no responsabililty in its content

  • You accept that I may, without notice, cancel the possibility of download at any moment

  • You acknolewdge that (minors) errors may have occured during the processus of converting the file to HTML format

If you fully agree with these conditions, click on the following link to download the book in zipped html format :


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